Friday, November 8, 2013

October highlights

October came in slowly but seemed to speed up as we rounded the end....
I have a feeling the next months will be moving 
even faster as the holiday energy begins to burst onto the scene.
October highlights
started with my Stamped Burlap Banner

...and easy Halloween gift ideas with
...a little vintage character to any message area with my

... a quick idea and printables for a fun

...a blogging invitation for dinner at
... my first holiday decorating in three years...

... a fun way to use small burlap canvases in
And enjoyed a wonderful Halloween season with

It's been a fun and inspirational Fall so far...
and the best is yet to come with the holidays!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Everything is cute, but my favorite is the chicken wire message board. I like the size of the chicken wire you used.

    1. Yes, I bought the small square kind because it was a smaller is tougher to bend because it is stronger...but I like the result too...a little more dense. {Magnets stick better too.}


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