Monday, September 23, 2013

Medicine Cabinet Make-over

"Medicine Cabinet" 
does not have to equal eyesore anymore!
They're not usually very pretty, {especially the standard ones},
but they're convenient to have around.
What if I told you there is a way to make them pretty?

Our Master Bathroom is going through a slow but steady make-over.
Which came to a screaching hault over medicine cabinets.
I wanted them gone.  My hubby wanted to keep his.
I thought we should build out the empty space-
-but the thought of his shaving cream and other not-so-pretty 
but necessary items sitting on pretty shelves had me looking for another anwer.
  Not to mention, the hole in the wall from the medicine cabinet was off center...
which I knew would bug me forever as a shelf.
After looking for a prettier replacement, 
we quickly agreed we did not want to spend $90 or more on a new frameless version.  
I wanted something with charm.
 And after my magnet board project--I had an idea: 
could we add moulding to our old cabinet?
My hubby was skeptical...but...
the answer:  
yes. you. can.!! 
Cut (4) pieces of mdf moulding to fit your mirror.  
{Make sure the hinge side does not have too much 
overhang so the door can open upon re-installation.}
Adhere the moulding to your mirror. 
I used Liquid Nails on one mirror and E6000 on the other.
Both worked fine, but I recommend Liquid Nails because it dried faster.
 And how adorable are my ugly medicine cabinets now?
  {squeal! I just love them!}

Have a great week!
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  1. It looks so much better with that frame around it, very classy. Great job :)

  2. Hi Aimee, do you have twin medicine cabinets? That's really cool to have that balance on both ends of your sink (sinks?) The frames you added give a whole new dimension, very nice. I love woodwork like that. I haven't done such a project or worked with wood in such a way, but I understand from looking at other blogs that if you add a little bit of paintable caulking to your frame in" those slight spaces between the joined areas, you can make them totally disappear. It looks like you're going to have more to show us in that bathroom -- can't wait!

    1. Yes Jan...we have two sinks with cabinets on each side. RE: paintable caulking...I did use some..but my close up shows a little hairline...I was happy to have it done. Thanks for the comment! This moulding was easy to cut by hand with a miter box and didn't take a lot of skill to complete. take care-aimee

  3. Very nice and your right they are so handy to have.

  4. Very nice and your right they are so handy to have.

  5. I so need to do this. thanks for the tutorial. pinned it!

  6. Just lovely! I know this can be done as well...we had one like that in our very rustic cabin that looked totally out of place. I cut barn siding and glued it to the's been on it for almost eleven years!

  7. Great pictures! Thank you! I found some more on this website:

  8. Thanks for this inspiration! We still have the 1977 builder's model and have tried to find a new one to fit into that same no avail. Never thought about framing it but after seeing this, I have another job for my handyman. We still have the builder's vanity mirror too and would love to have that framed too. DH can't or won't do without the old fashion medicine cabinet but I can. Maybe I can have the handyman frame the old vanity mirror and build a cabinet over the toilet and I can replace the medicine cabinet in the guest bathroom with a pretty picture. Came across your blog tonight via Pinterest.

  9. Good solution. Personally, I don't care for medicine cabinets, but we're moving into a house that has a pair of the eyesores. I much prefer a cabinet between the sinks on top of the countertop. It gives so much more storage and looks so much nicer. That's what we did in the house we're leaving. Then we ran cabinets above, along the ceiling, because we never have enough storage.

  10. How is this holding up years later?

  11. We have moved from that home so I do not know how it has held up. However, it would be easy to maintain if you needed to with paint or adhesive.

  12. Very nice! I'll give this a shot - I think!

  13. This is a great idea! I wonder if theres a way that I can replicate this with a temporary option because the rentals that we've been looking at all have those ugly medicine cabinets

  14. Doing this tomorrow!! No one on youtube has done this. Thanks!

  15. Hi. Do you have the sizes for the 4 mouldings? i am wondering if Home depot will cut them for me if I buy a long piece? I have the same size medicine cabinet as yours and would love to do this makeover!! ❤


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