Friday, September 5, 2014

Master Bedroom reveal-(New Floors!)

What do you do when life throws you lemons....? our case instead of lemonade, we did a master remodel!

Let's back up a bit....We had always planned to finish our master make-over...
but now we had to move on it in order to prepare for a possible move.

Here was our master bedroom when 
we bought our house not two years ago:

very yucky wallpaper...
very yucky carpet...

 Phase 1:  (about a year ago)
we took down wallpaper on all walls AND the ceiling.
Repainted, added drapes, and fluffed some pillows. 
(yes..there are 10 on my bed--and those are the ones we don't sleep on.)
 but that carpet...dreary, smelly, beige....
was something we could not afford to change before we moved in.
 We had heard from neighbors that previous owners had several dogs ...
and this matter how many times it was cleaned...always had a faint doggy odor....

My hope was hardwood for the bedroom. 
 And I dreamed of making this a reality in the next year. 
But recent job loss put a quick stop to that very expensive dream. 

Until this past week...

While roaming around Home Depot,
I spied this new product....called Allure Ultra.  
What caught my eye was the display.  
It looked like real wood planks.
But it wasn't...
It was a faux vinyl that locks together to make a floating floor.

But it didn't look or feel like a vinyl floor.

Or a floating floor.

And it said it was waterproof...

And had a 10 year warranty....
and was a very reasonable price...

No glue, no underlayer...just lock and load.
Convinced this was in the "too good to be true" category...

I bought a box and brought it home to my hubby.

We opened it and laid some out...walked on it...and he couldn't believe it either.
It has a beautiful feels hand scraped...

So we ripped up our carpet.....

that day!
And began to lay out the new flooring.
True to their word...this floor was easy to put together.
You only need a cutting blade to make your cuts.
I LOVE the finished look!

(below is before with carpet:)
Here's some of the finished photos....

side wall before:
side wall after:

Tell me what you think!  Does this not look like the real thing?

I am over the moon with this decision and we did it ourselves in two days.

I kid you not...
Next week I will reveal our bathroom transformation....
using this product...

Here's to lemons!

*I was not compensated for this post. I truly am a customer and am just sharing my experience.

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  1. WOW! I think it still is too good to be true! Looks wonderful and if you didn't say anything I would have thought you did the hard work and spent lots of money.

    1. Thank you AnnMarie! My husband and I did the labor....well...he did most of it! :o)...but it was essentially cut (if needed), lock and lay. The look is definately worth the effort.--aimee

  2. That floor is fantastic! It has caught my Husbands eye too. When we get the two oldest through college we will probably go with this floor in the kitchen and dining. It looks so pretty in your newly remodeled bedroom!

    1. You might be surprised that you can start the floor now ... this product is more than half the cost of regular wood there is no extra product to buy for install...and you could install easily yourself.... :o) have a great week-aimee

  3. Oh my word, this looks fabulous. I love it. What a huge transformation.

  4. The floors look amazing!! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the features today at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link to the party. Hope to see you again at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    1. Kathryn! Thank you! You are so sweet! Just made my week! xoxoxoxo

  5. Your floors look beautiful!!! In fact, the whole room is gorgeous! Love your sweet kitties on the sidebar as well. I call my little Holly cat "Kit Kit" a lot too. :)

  6. Aimee-
    Did you have to put anything down before putting the floor in place.
    I have concrete floors under my carpet.
    It looks beautiful, I want to do my husbands office (soon to be our TV room..)
    Thank you for your help
    Rose -

    1. Thank you for your message, we did not need to put anything on our subfloor. Per the instructions on the box, this floor can go over concrete or a plywood subfloor. Definately check it out.--aimee

  7. I want to check this flooring out at my local Home Depot. What color did you get for your floors?

    1. The color is "vintage oak cinnamon". Thanks for asking...I forgot to put it in my post! :o)

  8. beautiful, aimee!! tfs!--my husband loves hand scraped look!

  9. Your bedroom is stunning, Aimee. What a transformation! I'll be featuring it at Every Room In The House tomorrow when the October party launches. Thanks for sharing at the September party, and I hope you'll join the October party, too. xxx ~ Nancy

    1. thank you Nancy! I am honored to be a feature at your fun party! I will be there for October's party too! - aimee

  10. Where did you find your bedroom set?!

    1. We found our bedroom set at is about 10 years old. Still love it as much as when we got it. :o)

  11. Your bedroom just looks amazing.... Would you happen to remember the wall color?

    1. Neyma, thank you for your comments--the wall color is "exclusive ivory" from Dunn Edwards. Honestly it looks good in any room...and changes with the light. Merry Christmas!-aimee

  12. Your room is beautiful. Do you remember where you got the rug?

    1. The rug was one of the first purchases we made when we moved to Baton Rouge, LA. It is from an amazing store called Cyrus Rugs is ten years old and still looks the same as the day we bought it.--Merry Christmas! Aimee

  13. How would this flooring hold up with 8 kids?


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