Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Looking Glass Paint

I started with an old window.
This one is especially crusty.
It has a wonderful story to tell...
 This window was from Miss Mary Love's home in Auburn, Alabama.  
Our ninety year-old next door neighbor.  
She replaced all windows back in 1999 and put the old on the curb.  
Our first home in Auburn... visiting 8 years after we moved away.
(Mary Love lived to the right of us.)
Horrified those amazing windows were heading to the dump...
I lost all of my newly acquired southern manners, 
rushed her door to ask her if she would mind if I took them home. 
"Really,"  she said to me.  "Do you really want those junky ol' things?  
They won't work anymore..."
Yes, Miss Mary, I do.  
                                                      I so, so do.
 While my sweet hubby hid inside, 
                                               And Miss Mary watched from her window...
I drug no fewer than 6 of these beautiful divided light windows into the basement. 
{So proud of myself.}

Over the past 14 years,  I have used them in various ways, 
gifted them, and sold them. 
{oh, and don't forget--moved them--6 times.}

I have loved the beauty in every last one of them.
This is the last one.  
                                                                    Thank you Mary Love. 
So, last week,
I washed the dirt from the panes with a hose and wiped up with a paper towel.  
I wasn't too careful. 
Next time, I will remember to do a really good job pre-cleaning because 
any smearing left on the glass
WILL show up in the finished results.  

I have been waiting to try this Looking Glass paint on several items I have, 
but wasn't sure if it would really work as a mirror.
Quite simply--as you will see...
This product provides amazing results.

Follow the directions on the spray.  
{wonderful Walmart carries this in their paint department.}
You need to use 5 thin coats and let it dry in between for a few minutes.
Instructions have you spray the back of the item on which you want a reflection.

I did three coats and the result is a beautiful aged patina, old mirror, effect. 

 You can see the smears where I didn't clean the glass really well...but it adds to the old feeling. :o)
 I love the shadowy feeling in the reflection.
 Perfect for the holidays...
Perfect for a vintage wreath and gentle candle-light reflection.


Miss Mary Love.  Thank you love!

PS-wreath tutorial to come soon!
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  1. So awesome that you got them before they were hauled off. I would have done the same thing and my husband would have been hiding in the house too!

    1. My husband has gotten used to me being a "curber"....he just rolls his eyes...LOL!

  2. Now I want to try that paint. The window turned out great. I love old windows. :)

    1. I am so excited that this project went so well...i have a few more windows I want as mirrors now too!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Dee! I will talk about the wreath in my next post!-aimee

  4. Oh my gosh, this is my favorite project you have done so far!!! I have seen windows like this and craft shows and have wanted one for so long. You have turned trash to treasure. It's so beautiful! xo

    PS you are making be laugh by saying you are a "curber". My mom and I do the same thing and my Dad just rolls his eyes too! LOL!

  5. Very, very pretty! I just picked up a couple of old windows...hmmm! Inspiring! :)

  6. Your window is soooo sweet. I've had a can of this paint for months now but haven't been inspired to use it until I read your blog. I just happen to have some of my daughter's old windows from her house remodel that my husband has been after me to throw out. I'm so glad I didn't. I'm new to your blog, I just signed up and I'm looking forward to getting your posts.

    1. Thank you for following! Have fun with those windows!-aimee

  7. What a great project.

    I could kick myself multiple times. On 3 different occasions (pre blogging) I was offered a bunch of old old windows. We live in a tiny cottage with limited storage space so I passed them up. Oh, how I could go back and get all of them.

    1. oh there will be more windows out there for you...and this time you won't let them get away! :o) thanks for your comment.

  8. This is just beautiful and I love the wreath! I have one window I bought at a yard sale for $3 and I love it!!!

  9. A beautiful "mirror" with a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing, Aimee! I just love it!

    1. Thank you Laura! It's more the story an item tells than just the item, isn't it? That is what I love about "old" things...{i guess that means I must have a few stories to tell right? haha}

  10. Fabulous! I hope we can get that in the UK!

    1. I hope you do too! If not I'll have to ship you some! :o)

  11. These are perfect and I love the story behind them! I have used old windows before and they are some of my favorite pieces. I am your newest follower, just stopping by from a blog hop and think I will hop on your bandwagon,,,,love your style! Please stop by my blog and enter for a chance to win some some handmade gift cards. Have a great day!

  12. I just found your blog via Ivy and Elephant's blog. You had me at "...moved 6 times..."! Loved how you saved the old windows, so I'm your newest (number 70) follower.


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