Monday, November 4, 2013

Inspiration Anthro-style

Did you see these?

Hand-cut books in the shape of letters.
Letter books!   Who thinks of this stuff?

So darn clever these Anthropologie people are.

Where do they come from?  Is there a special place they all live?  
I mean really....go into an Anthro store anywhere and you will be blown away by something in that store 
(and it usually has nothing to do with what they are selling).

The displays are amazing.  
I mean, really, who thinks to hang a life sized replica of a Gnar Whale on the ceiling?

Or shred enormous piles of paper to cover a wall?
Usually Anthro stylists use the simplest items and turn them into incredible backdrops.
paper envelopes in multiples...
Plastic bottles...
recycled as flowers
books and magazines
paper as art
as chandelier
coffe filters as lights
Tea bag ombre...
Bold color and repetition of shapes...

recycled cork and succulents
And a lot of whimsy...
Plastic bottle igloo...
Wooden hangers... 
hangers as art

scraps of moulding...
plants and dirt hanging from plastic baggies....really?
Amazing effects of repetition and form.

The images go on and on.
They have defined, if not invented
 the "eclectic urban industrial vintage" style.
While I don't often shop there for clothes, I love to look and have some favorite 
{affordable} items that I have collected and given as great gifts over the years:

love the mugs

love the hardware

love the candles
{volcano is my fav}

love the cute little gift card holders
love the way they wrap gifts at christmas time!

At a recent store visit, I took some inspirational photos.
Chunky purfume bottles on a heavy mirror tray.
Chunky necklaces all displayed in random boxes and drawers.
Rows of washed indigo cotton shirts hanging from tree branches.
Vintage lazy-susan's hold hair clips.

And actual vintage Reader's Digest books cut into letter shapes.

In a few weeks I will be traveling to New York 
and I look forward to taking many photos 
of the beautiful Christmas windows including the latest from Anthro.
{I was not compensated for this post...I just really love being inspired!}
have an inspired week!

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  1. fabulous pictures and ideas--anthro is truly in a class of it's own! and a trip to new york at christmas time must be amazing--have a great time, aimee:)

  2. I love Anthro. Their stylists are definitely creative and never cease to amaze me. I am a new follower!

  3. So cute! I like the look of Anthro, but I've noticed that World Market has a lot of knock offs for less, though I have not seen anything like this! Maybe next year.

  4. Anthro has some amazing artists/stylists! I have been to NYC at Christmas and it is beautiful! Have a wonderful time!


  5. I think I am going to head over there today, Aimee! What fun! I can't wait to see your photos from New York. Thanks for inspiring us at Sunday View.


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