Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Book Review-Country Living Decorating With White

I received this book in the mail last month--a gift from my wonderful Aunt.
A book on White decor...Does she know me or what?
Disclosure:  The book was a gift.  But the review and opinions are all mine.
{I was not compensated by Country Living for this post.}

I honestly love everything in this book--
It is both a coffee table book and a great go-to guide
for ideas and helpful tips in designing a room around various elements.

Each chapter covers a topic like displays, bathrooms, bedrooms,
using other colors and even cost-effective solutions for achieving a stylish look.
And, like the magazine, the photos are wonderful and inspiring vignettes.

Here's the review from Amazon:
"From whitewashed walls and clawfoot tubs to faded cream fabrics in antique quilts, Country Living Decorating with White showcases a beautiful new vision of how to use this classic hue. 

Punchy, inviting, and striking images go room by room, 
explaining the art of choosing the right shade of white and 

blending it with other colors and objects. 
The book is packaged with a stunning wicker-textured cover."

Country Living Decorating with White
is edited by Gina Hyam, who has authored additional books on cooking, folk art, as well as decorating-specializing in Mexican-style decor. Gina is the creator of the ‘In the Box’ culinary contest book-kits. 
Gina’s work has been published in a number of outlets including Huffington Post and Newsweek.

If you love decorating with white, this is one for your collection.
If you know someone who loves decorating with white--you've found a great gift for the holidays.

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