Monday, October 31, 2016

Little Changes Through the Seasons

Happy Fun Night of Trick or Treaters!
This year I have taken a different approach to getting the house "ready" 
for the different seasons.
  I call it the "little-by-little" technique,  or  "5 minute holiday decorating".
I found that this year I didn't have the same amount of time to devote to big production decorating.
So I only pulled a few things out--some of my favorites--and added to that through the month.
Like these fun ghostly votives and my velvet pumpkins.
I also got a bug to rearrange the house after being at Warrenton a week!
This table and mirror had formerly been in the dining room...and are now in the entry.
Simple white pumpkins fill the space.

 Sconces now share the wall where my large arched window had been.
Removing the larger entry table opened up the space and now your focus is on the far wall.
 Most of my "decor" reflects simple touches for the fall that will move straight from Halloween to Thanksgiving.  With the exception of these fun "spooky" pillows I add the couch.
My burlap pumpkins are still one of my most "pinned" projects to this date!
I love just piling them up in my vintage chair.
   I love how the colors of Fall pop off of the neutral background.

 Sometimes a beautiful bouquet is all that is needed to set the tone.
 Here's to a beautiful Fall Season!
My next post I will share the other room re-arrangements!

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