Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas visit tour-and recipe

Recently I had a chance to just sit and visit with my neighbor. . . 
. . .over a salted caramel martini....

We made a date to just sit down and talk on the couch
...about life...
Visits like these make Christmas break so special for me.
  I wish I had more time to visit with more 
of my family and friend near and far.

So let's pretend you are coming over today! 
Won't you come in?
Come into the living room...have a seat...
(those are the pillows I "made" 
transferring phrases onto dishtowel fabric 
and sewing on linen pillow covers!)

Our simple mantel this year with my daughter's 
favorite Advent Calendar tree and my homemade linen stockings.
changing out pillows with the seasons...

 Dining room centerpiece..antlers and bling!
 Our tree was so lovely and fresh this year.
I top with the same sparkly bow each year and pheasant feathers!
Lots of white and silver and crystal ornaments.
 Would you like a refreshment?
Tell me how your year has been!
Here's to 2017
Merry Christmas!


Easy Salted Caramel "martini" recipe:
Kosher salt
Caramel in a squeeze bottle
Caramel infused Vodka
Rum Chata
 Squeeze caramel on the rim of the glass and dip in salt. {This is the best tasting part!}
Mix equal parts Vodka and Rum Chata over ice; shake well; serve!

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  1. What a beautiful tree! And I like "simple" mantle designs for Christmas (or any holiday, for that matter). Our eyes need places to rest, sometimes, and not constantly be overwhelmed with decor. I am a fan of your silver, white and crystal look. It is elegant but cozy at the same time. Just perfect. Happy Holidays!

    1. Oh Jan, your note is so sweet! Thank you for commenting. I hope you had a wonderful's to a grand New Year! xoxoaimee


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