Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Top 5 Posts of 2015

As I have mentioned many times, 2015 was a blur....but I am happy I was able to keep blogging during all the transition as it is fun to look back now and see how I was thinking during that phase. 
I didn't get to do much crafting, but instead focused on my photography.  
I love this photo of the coral. 
I collected this dead find more than 20 years ago 
off of the coast of Southern California, scuba-diving with my dad.  
Even though the water temperature was very cold, 
we used to try to go out a few weekends every month in the summer--
--he would hunt fresh fish, and I would treasure hunt in the rocks and sand.  
I remember this sea fan was "blowing" right across my path, 
in the currents on the sand, at the bottom of the ocean 35 feet under. 
It looks so delicate, but it is very strong and resilient.

It is mine too because the woman who did the remodel is also my best friend. 
Lisa is so talented and I am always inspired by her creativity and her encouragement.  
She waited 20 years to turn her home into what she wanted, 
and every room is just beautiful and serene and clutter-free.
Enjoy the tour again.
Boy, am I glad I took the time to organize my items into similar styled bins, 
and labeled them clearly.
It made moving so much easier, and none of my items were damaged.  
This year, I took the organization a step further--
I created a "master list" of how many bins I have and where we stored them.
{Some are in the garage and some are in the attic}
I would hate to forget where things are by next Christmas. 
That's what happens when I get to a new home.  
I remember where an item was in the old house, 
but don't have the faintest idea in the new house.
{I can outwit my own forgetfulness!} 
This project was a favorite post of mine for a special reason. 
This simple project, that cost me almost no money
 is what sealed the deal on selling our home in CA.  
Our prospective buyer apparently loved this feature in the children's bathroom so much 
that she made it an addendum to the sale agreement that it had to stay with the house.  
That made me smile for several reason--
1) what a complement 2) WE SOLD OUR HOUSE FOR FULL ASKING PRICE!!
This post makes me happy because it represents the figurative "light at the end of the tunnel".
We had packed up everything.
We had sold our home.
We found a home.
We loaded the trucks.
We loaded the cats.
We loaded the kids.
We drove across country.
We unpacked.
We found new schools.
And I was able to feel "moved" in and excited to decorate for the holidays.

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