Thursday, February 4, 2016

Woven Paper Heart Baskets-{DIY Blast from the Past}

Old school inspiration...

Look what I found in an old school memory box when I was moving!
 These were made by me in the 4th or 5th grade!
Does anyone else remember this common grade school craft?
I remember how fascinated I became with this Valentine project.
It was the first time I had ever been shown 
how to take a two dimensional object {paper}
and turn it into a three dimensional object that was useful and pretty, {basket}.   
 I remember feeling euphoric over how pretty they turned out...
 I got this idea to see how small I could make them.....
I was so excited that I spent every free moment in class that week 
absorbed in making a few more.
Sixteen to be exact.  
 I loved how they nested so neatly inside each other.   
And just when I couldn't go any smaller....
Inside--the very smallest of hearts
was a very tiny envelop,
....labeled "to friends".... 
and inside that envelope--was one more heart.
 Tiniest of all.

Just holding these today, 30-something years later, 
I am filled with that same great feeling I remember from so long ago.
{that is the power of creativity and inspiration}

How to Make Woven Paper Heart Baskets 
To make a modern-day shabby chic version, I used a vintage music sheet and kraft card stock.
Fold your paper in half the short way. 
Create an arch--Arch dimensions:  5.5" x 3.5"
{height should fill the width of the folded paper from fold to open edge.}
 Make 3 even spaced,scissor cut lines to within an inch of the arched edge.
"Weave" these finger cuts in and over each corresponding paper finger of the other arch.
As you complete each row, gently slide each weave up towards the arch 
to make room for the next weave. 
Trim to fit the last finger in if it is too wide. {You don't want to tear your paper}
This takes a little bending and manipulating, 
as soon as each paper finger is woven, it lays very flat and fits nicely.
Fill with your favorite candies....
 a special note
inside a very tiny envelop.


  1. What a fun project! Thank you for sharing it on SYC. Jo

  2. What a sweet craft! I have not seen one of those for at least 30 years! I shall show my foster children, perhaps they can make them this weekend. Thank you!

    1. I know! Why don't they teach simple paper crafts anymore in school? I hope you had fun making some with your kids.

  3. How sweet, Aimee, that you have those grade school hearts after all these years. Your adult versions are wonderful, too. ;)

    1. Thanks Nancy! I was just as surprised when I discovered totally took me back to a simpler time.

  4. So cute and I love the key tag! My youngest made us Christmas placemats like this when she was in grade school. I still have them. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thank you Jan! We used to do a lot of crafts in grade school!

  5. I love all your hearts and they reminded me of the Christmas that I made a whole bunch of red and white heart ornaments out of felt.

    Thanks for the memories and for Sharing Your Cup!

  6. Aimee, I totally remember these hearts. Thanks for the reminder of yesteryear. Sylvia D.


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