Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Greetings 2015!

Enjoy this beautiful postcard dated 1916!

I love the "note" on the back...
"I wis you a happy Ester
your gradma"

We will be spending time with nana this Easter!  
Looking forward to a time of refreshing and renewing with family.
Nothing like the promise of Easter to remind us to be renewed.
We do not have to hold on to the past
--the old--
the hurt
--the disappointment--
it can all die on the cross with Christ.  
He asks us to do this.  
Nail all the weight of the world there.
And be willing to start over.
With Him.

How my family is looking forward to starting over in our next chapter...
I have not had time to post because of all the exciting changes going on...
{selling a house; new house search; pairing down}

I look forward to posting about these items soon!

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