Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life in a box

where have my blogging posts gone?

...for the past three months I have been wrapping my head 
around the "beauty" of relocating an entire household.
I have somehow managed to pack up my creativity in one of the boxes.
Maybe its in this one...?
Here's my attempt at making cardboard look good...

To save a little on the extraordinary cost of a cross country move,  we are packing everything ourselves...and since DH is already in location,
 that means just me.
To make sure it was a task I could manage without getting overwhelmed,
I have been packing 2-3 boxes everyday since March
 and purging and selling things.
It has literally become a full time job!
So here's some fun "before" and afters....

My sitting room before...and now as a holding place for the packed items.
My dining area stripped bare...
My dining room disassembled....noticed I removed my lantern chandelier?
Taking that with me. :o)

My word for 2015 was Simplify....
I had no idea it would be a daily theme for me... 
which meant letting things go...and lightening our load.

I have let go of many fun things....Said bye to my vintage couch...
...a Ballard Desk...
...My shabby buffet...
as seen below...
our new home will not have a formal sitting area...

...couch and ottoman will not make the trip...
 ....and the biggest accomplishment: Paper Purging
9 bankers boxes of old papers covering more than a decade...
gone in less than 5 minutes at the hands of a professional shredding company.
Whew..it feels good...and I hope to establish a less cluttered lifestyle.
Letting go of emotional clutter as well.
My simple lesson learned?
while my life is packed into a box...my life is not the box.
We are breaking free to a new chapter 
and it is exciting to have shed some of the extra weight
 to start that new chapter Refreshed and Renewed.
I look forward to sharing our new home with you soon
 and all the new projects we will encounter!


  1. Oh my goodness Aimee...you have been ONE busy girl! I do not envy the moving process but how exciting...a new adventure! God bless you as you get into your new home. Looking forward to seeing it!

    1. Oh Debby! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words....how I have missed being a part of the blog-o-sphere these last few months. Is is great to hear from you! hugs, aimee


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