Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas musings and tour 2015

I had grand plans.
I had grand plans...for a month of posts....with clever ideas...
yes. I. did.
I had plans....
...on how to transition easily from Thanksgiving table
to lovely Christmas decor in an easy "no-stress" fashion....
Yes. I . did.
I had plans...
to do just a little bit each week...
I'd show you how easy it would be to get it done simply...and do it all while you cooked gourmet meals and played Christmas carols, and sipped casually on a glass of wine--easy...
  and oh..dare I say you would have been so impressed.  
Yes...I had plans, and so did December...
...travel, meets, and other obligations quickly reminded me 
that all my great ideas to connect to the blogging world may have to take a back seat 
to just getting the basics of day-to-day living accomplished.
{Please excuse me while I fold the laundry laying on that chair
so I can photograph it for you...}
Can you relate...?

Our first Christmas in our new home. (again).
Starting over is always strange.  Things don't quite fit, or feel right.
The space is different.  You remember where things "used" to go...
but starting over also makes things fresh and fun.
This year...to keep it fun, I just pulled out some of my favorites
and worked them into different areas in our new home.
Nana's tree found a home in a shelf nook.
Mercury glass trees in another.
The front entry table I kept white with pops of berries.
Vintage birds and lots of candles. 
(the biggest one is set in an urn and glows by battery...)
The other end has my sparkly santa and favorite globe ornaments.
Our living room has simple touches that work into our normal decor.
{I love the Santa pillow given to me by my mother-n-law.}
I like to add something sparkly and something vintage to each shelf.
 Items collected over the years have turned into a collection of favorites...
The Joy sign was a new addition this year.
Our live tree ended up being tall and skinny this year.
Nothing but white and silver and crystal...
Silver pheasant feathers to crown the top...
Sparkling sentiments tucked in the branches...
It all did get done....
Not according to my plan....
but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Tonight we were finally able to all exhale and 
enjoy what has become our favorite family tradition....
watching "A Christmas Carol"...
(we watch a different version each night....
tonight's was George C. Scott's 1984 version...)
I wish you all a Merry Christmas,
and look forward to more "plans" in a fun 2016!


  1. Hi Aimee. So nice of you to stop by my blog with seasons greetings. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Your home is beautifully decorated for the holidays. I love Nana's tree (I hopped back to your original post about her handiwork. . .it's exquisite and I think it's wonderful that you're honoring her memory by displaying it.) Looking forward to more from you in 2016. Hugs, Nancy

  2. Oh so beautiful!
    Your home is sweetly decorated.
    Happy New Year Aimee.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet note! Happy new year to you too! xoxoaimee


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