Monday, October 6, 2014

Stamped Burlap Pillows

Scary Fun!


 I love the simple-ness.
I love the texture.
I love the versatility.
I love that it is inexpensive.

I have an old set of very large letter stamps.  
If you don't have stamps, 
you can use some chip-board letters or stencils for this project.
Paint up your letters and press into fabric. 
(Make sure you have something behind the fabric
 because the paint will go through the porous burlap.)

Let it dry and sew it up!
I used a 14 x 20" insert in my "Boo" pillow
and cut the burlap an inch shorter to make the insert tight.
For the "HOME" pillow, I sewed a separate pillow insert
 that I slid into the burlap cover because it is a custom size. (10 x 24)

Something about the word 
"HOME" word...
nuf said...
makes a statement.
Feels good.


  1. These are wonderful pillows, I love the natural look of Burlap, the black and white is really neat looking! :) I would like to invite you to share your fall themed posts at my 2014 Harvest Hop linky party.

  2. I love stamped pillows like this, Aimee. Yours turned out great! ~ Nancy


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