Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Pumpkin Day!

It's been busy around here...
But not too busy for a happy carved pumpkin, 
and a delicious pumpkin crunch tonite.

This recipe is a tradition around our place 
starting at Halloween and all the way through December.

It is so easy...and I promise it will have people raving!

I also love being reminded of this statement of faith on how to carve a pumpkin:

Believing…is like being a Pumpkin {author unknown}
·         Take your pumpkin from the patch, wash off all the dirt. Christ does this to us—we can come to Him just as we are—He does the cleaning up.
·         Cut open the top of the pumpkin. Likewise, we must open our hearts to Him and reveal to Him all our hidden thoughts and inner workings.
·         Scoop out all the yucky stuff from inside.  Christ does the same to our hearts—scooping out all the greed, hate, doubt, fear…stuff we don’t like to touch…etc.
·         Carve a smile in the pumpkin. God lives in our hearts and gives us a new smiling face—outlook on life, and a desire to witness for Him through our lives.
·         Place a candle inside for the world to see.  God is the light in our life. He lights up our path and purpose. His truth is the light in a dark world. He desires for our light to shine out to the world that others may know His saving grace too.
·         Hear the knock at the door.  He waits for you to open the door to your heart and let Him in. Are you His pumpkin?
May God bless you richly during this beautiful fall season!

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  1. I like the spiritual application with carving the pumpkin, Aimee. And the Pumpkin Crunch looks sooo good. . I've got it pinned. xxx ~ Nancy


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