Thursday, May 9, 2013

Flowers from a friend

Often it is the smallest gestures that make your day...
A warm hug, a smile...
Or a sweet bouquet that feels like an extended version of both. :)

A dear friend made these wonderful individual 
bouquets for our study group and surprised us all with a 
delicate container of Spring flowers.

Such a simple gesture, I had to share in time for Mother's Day!

She used small canning jars and wire twisted around the lip of the jar 
and then twisted to make a handle to carry it!

So much gorgeousness in one small package!  What a delight!

No matter the angle, fresh cuttings are just so pretty. 

Simply beautiful!  Thank you Bev!

(I am hoping to "share" for the first time at French Country Cottage.)
French Country Cottage

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  1. i am happy this gift means so have been such a light for me the last few months. and i think of you every time i look at my scripture jar...which is near empty. i will refill it with something deliciously edible! your photos are lovely, aimee!


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