Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pondering the Origins of "Re"

Lately I have been pondering these two little letters of the alphabet.  What an incredibly powerful pair they make together.  re” holds such potential!  such strength! 
Think how the addition of this pair of letters alters the meaning of so many words.   Recycle, reuse, repurpose, renew…each of these implies a new beginning.  
And...what is the new year all about?—resolutions!   
To review, reinvent,  to reset or refresh or renew…provides a sense of a “do-over”. 
To begin again.  Have you ever wished there was a do-over button in life? 
Like the Staples ‘easy’ button….just press and you can just begin again 
and chart a different course? 
Often this question can bring to whether a complete do-over is the best option..because without the wisdom gained would the same results occur?  
So, on the "re" theme...perhaps a renovation is more what we are looking for. 
A do-over which restores but does not remove our previous experience. 
Regeneration with  redirection.   What hope a “re” can bring. 

Perhaps this is why I am drawn to “old” things…(relics).  
 Or things that have been left by the curb…(rescued).  I see the potential of a new life in them.  A chance to bring a new beauty from the old weathered surface…or a chance to just appreciate the old weathered surface in a new environment. 
For example—this old headboard….
A gift remnant from a friend’s garage sale that I just had to have…although I wasn't quite sure why because I didn’t own a queen bed set.   However, with our latest move, it has been re-vamped into a lovely twin length, daybed backboard, for my daughter's room.
With help from my friends at Not Too Shabby in Folsom, and the amazing Annie Sloan chalk paint…I was able to give the old, brown headboard new life in a cute shabby-chic pink.  
I didn’t even realize there was a rose front and center!   A remarkable revision!

Or this recover project: from worn and torn and stained...........
To Refinished and Remarkable in linen:

All of this to say—my resolution for this year was to blog each month.  This month almost got away from me…and thankfully I can re-resolve to begin again next month and redeem myself.  Redeem….there is that pair of letters again….
I would be remiss if I did not share what all this allusion also amazingly reminds me of
—the originator of the renovation trend--
only instead of redecorating homes and recovering chairs, he renews hearts and revives souls.   Through the years of life journey and growing in faith, I am learning how this quest to renovate is the same message of Christ and the cross.   Our weathered selves, broken hearts and lives can be refreshed, redeemed and renewed in him and through him for a new “forever” life.  
  A true reset button…in spiritual form. 
If this resonates with you, all you need to do is request for him to be your personal interior designer.     :o)
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  1. Aimee, you are a new and improved version Martha Stewart! The pieces you've transformed are delightful and must add so much warmth to your home. I'm contemplating refurbishing an old coffee table in my apartment. Thanks for the inspiration!


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