Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sweet Savannah Curb Appeal

Historic Savannah--one of the oldest cities in America, 
and hands down one of the most beautiful.
My mom, daughter and I were able to spend a long weekend there this past month where we spent much of our time strolling the streets and parks...
Every doorway was enchanting...and each home beckoned us to come in...
 and hear the stories they had to tell...from the birth of our nation to its modern era.
Come see some of the beautiful entries for yourself...


Gothic churches 
Sweet Townhomes
Historically Occupied Mansions
(General Sherman lived here during the Revolutionary War) 
Pops of color


Gorgeous Transoms 
Neighbor in White... 
or red...
Turquoise coordinated 
Handsomely Intricate 
Minty green above--matching the moss below 
Perfectly adorned 
Heavenly Choir doors 
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil 
Garden Gate 
Intricate Ironwork 
Breathtaking ascension

Which is your favorite?
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