Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Sparkly 365!

365 days....
looking back--how were yours spent?
Isn't this a beautiful postcard from 1909?
The message and the wonderful handwriting
 from an age gone by...
...but the sentiment remains the same as today:  

"...I have been very busy..." 

Yes. Indeed.
we have.

The year has flown by, and even as I look at the 12 months of my blogging,
I am amazed that some months were so busy I could only get a single post out.
I had so many "plans" to write and post projects...and life just gets
And  as we open the package of 2015 ...
it will, no doubt, be no different.
...it will be busy...
how will you spend your 365?
I pondered this while we were at my mom and dad's during the holiday.
My mom has always filled the holidays with sparkle.
She has displayed her collections of silver and crystal in the most beautiful ways.
There was a small metal tree full of her silver bells.
And a unique metal 6 foot tree that is draped with Swarovski crystal ornaments.
How will I spend my next 365...?

You see...I know what is in store for most of my upcoming year.
We will be planning another cross-country move.

As I think about all that comes with this impending transition...
{...and the eight moves that have come before this...}
I often find my thoughts becoming tarnished and heavy 
with all the known challenges;
as well as the unknowns.
 As I stared at the beautiful dots of light that sprayed across the room,
it occured to me...crystal cannot shine without sharp cuts in its surface.
Each crystal cut reflects the light brilliantly.
Each piece sparkles from within. 
each facet is a cut off its original shape...
a place where the glass gem was ground down...
and polished...
Without the cuts, and the grinding...there would be no sparkle.
The glass would be dull.
Suddenly, I realized, my thoughts need not be tarnished and dull...
It is this very polishing and grinding that makes our favorite things shine.
Life will be handing us some shine and sparkle this year....
a little move....{a little grinding}
a new neighborhood....{a little polishing}
new schools....{a new facet}
Here's to a super sparkly 2015!
to happy days ahead
a refreshed view
a purposeful journey
a toast to the cuts and facets of life
that will make your life shine and sparkle.


  1. your mom's sparkle and shine is beautiful, aimee! what positive outlook on your upcoming move:) we moved 4 times in 5 years --and i thought that was a lot, but, it's amazing how much easier it is when you consider it an adventure and not a curse:) wishing 2015 to bring you a beautiful new start, health and happiness!!

    1. Lynn! Your words are such an encouragement! We need to talk...this is move 4 in 5 years too...xoxoxo Aimee


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