Thursday, August 1, 2013


Meet "Little Kitten".
He was not planned.
It was the sign's fault: "Adoptions today..."
We stopped.
And now we have a kitty-kunundrum.
Why you ask?....(click below to read on...)
You see...we already have 2 kitties.
Meet "Mr. P" {Pumpkin}
Who used to look like this:
And can usually be found like this:
But who now looks like this {slightly put-off}
  Because this "new guy" is in his old favorite spot!
His trial name is "Smudge" because 
his nose has a dark smudge on it.
Mr. P watches now from a distance.
 He forgets he once was a "little guy" too. 
Did I mention we had 2 kitties...yes well, meet "Princess Kit-kit".
Who's contract will only allow this photo to be shown: 
And who is happy to remind us that she was the first and will always be first. 
She chooses to put up with the other two but never acknowledges them...  
except with an occassional "hisss".....but always in a princess-y way.

And do not ever say she and "Smudge" look alike. {gasp!}

Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. aww, so cute! we got a kitten last year which was totally unplanned-my very allergic sister in law found her under their house, and we all fell in love with the kitten. my sil was going to give it a try, had her for a week, and then decided she couldn't because of allergies. I thought, how can you get rid of this thing that has now bonded with a family? so we, and my 8 year old cat, took her in. it's been slow going, but I think finally they are friendlier. good luck!

  2. Kitten faces are impossible to resist...Happy to report that the Kitty is happy and the threesome are coexisting well! It's a process.

  3. So funny and clever-a wonderful post. You brought a smile to my face. I never new cats were so expressive! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. it's so hard bringing in a new member of the family. I guess it just takes time. I'm a kitty lover and would love a new baby but my kitty girls have said NO to that idea!

  5. So, so adorable! You are very brave to bring a third kitty into the mix. We only have one little "princess - Abby," and just can't bring ourselves to usurp her position. The ONLY time she has ever hissed was at a picture of a cat on the wall in the Vet's office -- I know, weird!


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