Sunday, August 29, 2010

A sense of space....

When you are in a car for hours at a time you become aware of space in a new way...
To travel across the country it took our family of four a moving truck,
 a car transport, and a car that pulled a u-haul.
The long open road....

In the car my kids carved out space for themselves and their belongings,
as well as room for two pet gerbils AND a pet kitty. 
How we stayed sane for each of our eight hour driving days is a blessing in and of itself.

our sweet kitty in her space...under the gerbils' space

 Carving out space is something it seems as humans we are programmed to do. 
We long to own space-
buy it,
divide it,
build on it,
mark it with fences,
walls, roads and signs.   
Then, as soon as possible,
we fill space with stuff and
arrange it into even smaller spaces.  

When we travel, we measure the space by mile markers and time.
And the space of time, or our lives, we often measure with memories and places....

As we travel across the country, the hours and miles play through my mind and


I am convinced that long stretches of {quiet}time and {uncrowded}space are indeed 
God's antidote to our often self-imposed stressed-out lives...
Clearly we are good at closing ourselves in 
while God begs for us to open up, 
look out and up, and feel the breadth of His space. 
I took this somewhere near the Arizona border along I-10
Is he not the master of carving out the most magnificent sense of time and space?
 I look around and am amazed and humbled as I take in the beauty all around me 
along this long stretch of I-10....and my mind is renewed.   
I am looking forward to carving out my own space in a new home 
and setting up belongings in a new way--making it our space once again.  
However, it seems that nothing compares
to the always refreshing {God}spaces that surround us.  
  How are you marking your space? Are you holding on tightly....are you closed in and cornered? Have you looked out and up today?

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  1. Nature can be a great stress inhibitor and a perfect way of witnessing the majesty of God's creation. Road trips are front row seats to this amazing show.


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