Monday, June 15, 2015

Stops Along the Way:A Refreshing Scottsdale Remodel

One of the stops along the way as our family journeyed across the country,
was the home of my long time best friend, 
and (in my opinion), one of the most talented designers on the planet!
 Lisa Sanford co-owns Shutters Home Design and 
opened the doors of her beautiful home 
in Scottsdale to my family for a day and night of complete rest and renewal.
 She recently finished an extensive, loving remodel of the home
 she's lived in for 20 years 
and has turned it into a showpiece that is at once relaxing and refined.
 Enjoy these photos of her house tour.:)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life in a box

where have my blogging posts gone?

...for the past three months I have been wrapping my head 
around the "beauty" of relocating an entire household.
I have somehow managed to pack up my creativity in one of the boxes.
Maybe its in this one...?
Here's my attempt at making cardboard look good...

To save a little on the extraordinary cost of a cross country move,  we are packing everything ourselves...and since DH is already in location,
 that means just me.
To make sure it was a task I could manage without getting overwhelmed,
I have been packing 2-3 boxes everyday since March
 and purging and selling things.
It has literally become a full time job!
So here's some fun "before" and afters....